Monday, January 3, 2011

Gin and Tonic Lullaby

It washed over me, the sweet scent of the breeze
as it spoke of strange times, and drew my mind into a slow ease
The transitory winds sang a sad song...
They hummed and they hummed of all your life's wrongs.
The tracks you walked when you were still young,
They cried, and they cried, but you were long gone.

Crying, “Yes, you’ve been lied to. Yes, you’ve been fucked. But come back to me,you can still be loved!”

You walked and you ran. You escaped to your drink.
You didn’t care what onlookers would think.
A mountain girl found you in your crazed state.
She agreed to love you and then you set the date.

Three children were born of this affair.
Too bad you never loved them.
All you ever gave them were broken hearts, arms
and sometimes a loud swear.

What kind of hell was this?

The kind of misery that is passed on?

You couldn’t carry your heavy heart so now it belongs to your children, and their children, and someday it will be their children’s broken heart.

-M. Anderson (Written for my grandfather)

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