Monday, January 3, 2011

I'll Follow My Soul Into Nothingness

I think I'll drive straight through this light
and into that ditch.
What's the point of being polite?
I can already smell your bullshit.
I'm  here waiting for the day,
when you finally understand.
I see you pause for a moment in a daze
laying there like a paralyzed jazz band.
You realize I wasn't a dream.
and you scream and scream and scream.
You start to think about old sayings
and realize they can't help you now.
What good are words spoken in the dark?
A word is a word is a word.
Its spoken and then forgotten.
Spiritual communion is lost.
You like to think you are pretty smart.
Hiding my rolling eyes has become a practiced art.
But tell me how you are any better than me.
You lie to yourself everyday in your self righteous rants.
you continue to brag, while you pull down your pants.
I fool you into thinking I enjoy myself,
I melt further into the darkness and pretend that you love me.
How sad, I think into the deafening silence.
You lay there next to me.
I lie there next to myself.
There's no one beside me as I reach out.
I follow my soul into the nothingness.
-M. Anderson (written some time about a year ago?)

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