Monday, January 3, 2011

Love Like a Train

The trains rollin' through the citylike you're rollin' through my mind.
It's travelin' fast, and lone.
makin' you feel it in your bones.

You're darting past me,
the winds playing on my sleeve.
But I can't touch you,
Gone on the 3:10.

The tracks remain, but you have left.
Your love's comin' down on me
down on me.
like the trains comin' down on the track.

My heart is so heavy I carry it on my back.
You stand there lookin' helpless
While you begin to lose your tact.
Why can't you just be honest?

Admit that your love is like a train.

You love me when you're rollin' through.
and your loves comin' down on me hard.
You can't stand the thought of staying though, 
so you hang around until you are summoned by Rousseau.

Your love is like a train, it's comin' down on me hard.
-M. Anderson (written circa 2009)

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